Sleep Better in Dickies

You do your best work when you're well rested! But it's hard to be well rested when everyone is so busy and there is so much to do in a day! We know how it goes: you have the TV on and then you're checking your phone to catch up on the latest Instagrams and Snapchats and the next thing you know it's way later than you realized. We're guilty of it too, but here are some ways to help you sleep longer and better.

1. Wind down early. Give yourself time to relax before bed. Turn your phone on silent, shut off electronics or anything that will be disturbing or distracting. It's easy to start scrolling and get caught up in it. Put it down -- it'll be there in the morning.

2. Eat a smaller meal in the evenings. Eating larger meals in evening wakes up your metabolism which can keep you from having a sound sleep.

3. Clear your head. Read a book, write in a journal, or find a hobby that's soothing and low-key. Doing an easy activity that relaxes you and your mind helps you fall asleep faster.

4. Make yourself and your environment cozy. Changing into something comfy like the Dickies Girl raglan pullover paired with our flare lounge pants. They'll ensure a full night's sleep. It's a lightweight, super soft option which can make a world of difference in your sleep.


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