History Of Dickies

Although Dickies Girl was founded in 2002, the Williamson Dickies brand has been around since 1922.

Originally producing overalls, Williamson Dickies weathered the storms of the Great Depression and manufactured millions of uniforms for the U.S. Armed Forces. While America’s men were fighting on the front lines, women picked up the tools and the workwear and went to work in factories.

With a proven record of durability, comfort and fit, Dickies pioneered modern workwear and was the brand of choice fore servicemen returning to the workforce.

In the early ‘60’s, Dickies introduced unisex peg pants and partnered with RIT Dye, so that the wearers could die the pants any color. Talk about an early DIY upcycle!

 Having already taken over workwear and uniforms, Dickies headed back to school and took over the campus with stylish everyday basics.

In the ‘70’s and ‘80’s the brand expanded to include denim, brought back overalls and, as women were becoming a huge part of the workforce, they began making clothes designed and cut for a woman’s body.


By the late ‘80’s Dickies had become a staple of underground Latino street culture and were embraced by men and women alike. With the hair and make-up of a vintage pin-up and her outfit pulled from her brother’s closet, Cholas ruled the world with their sharp creased Dickies.

Affordable, durable, and stylish, Dickies were also adopted by skaters, rockers, and artists. Workwear filtered into the mainstream and became a huge trend in the ‘90’s thanks in no small part to style icons like Drew Barrymore and No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani.

In her baggy Dickies and cropped tank tops, no one embodied the ‘90’s Dickies aesthetic more than Gwen. She rocked khaki Dickies on No Doubt’s “Just a Girl” album cover and customized blues in the video. Then a decade later she revitalized the trend, wearing classic brown Dickies in her “Bananas” video.

Dickies Girl was born out of necessity. Girls wanted their own Dickies, cut for their bodies and designed to look and feel great. In 2002 Dickies Girl launched with a decidedly feminine take on heritage workwear, with form fitting silhouettes that were instant classics.

Today the number of girls in the U.S. workforce has skyrocketed and Dickies Girl has their everyday staples covered. We’re going beyond the basics and expanding to include denim, knits, leisure, athletic and underwear, all with the same fit, comfort and style you rely on us for. Welcome to the future!

Kevin Weeding
Kevin Weeding