Staying Happy and Healthy with Dickies Girl

Here at Dickies Girl, we like to look good while staying active. Our new line features plenty of options for working out. Our jogger pant is great for a light jog, yoga, or pilates. Our sports bras are perfect to wear just as a top or to layer under our simple racerback tank. They're soft, comfortable and practical.


  1. Get outside! Find a local beach and instead of just laying out. Play a little volleyball, take a bike ride or a short jog. All are great ways to spend time with your friends and get a little cardio. Don't worry -- you can still catch those sun rays while staying active. 
  2. Stay hydrated! Throughout the day, coffee and soda are easy to grab and keep you alert but sugary drinks can dehydrate you. If you're more hydrated, you're less likely to be tired and you won't need the extra caffeine later. Even if you add just an extra couple of cups of water a day to your routine, trust us, you'll notice a difference.
  3. Diversify your food! Try eating something from all of the different food groups everyday. There are fruits and vegetables, grains and cereals, dairy, and lean meats. By covering all of the bases, you’re ensuring that your body receives many different vitamins necessary to keep your body healthy.

4. Speaking of eating healthy, replace your evening carbs with quinoa instead of eating potatoes or rice with dinner. It's healthy protein and eating lighter in the evening will help you sleep better. 

5. Commit to a strict sleeping schedule! Eight hours of sleep every night can help you maintain a healthy body weight, reduce signs of aging, and feel energized and de-stressed the next day. Do your best to get into a sleep routine that works for you and you’ll notice the difference in just a few days.

6. Try new kinds of workouts to change up your routine. Take spinning, high intensity interval training, or a boxing class. Often we get stuck in a rut and do the same workout, which leaves us bored and certain muscles can get left out. Changing up your routine challenges your body and you can continue to try something new. 

7. Make it a social event! Find someone that will hike with you on a regular basis or take a yoga class with you on the weekend. Having someone to motivate you and keep you on a schedule makes things so much more fun!

We hope you enjoyed our seven simple tips for staying happy and healthy! Dickies Girl loves to keep you moving and keep you stylish while you do it! 

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Erin Piepenbrok
Erin Piepenbrok